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Recent Design Work

Retirement Answers For You Website

Retirement Answers For You Website

Adventure Forward Brand Development

Adventure Forward Brand Development

Money Matchmaker Rebrand

Money Matchmaker Rebrand

Bob Burg Logo Rebrand

Bob Burg Logo Rebrand

Vesper Board Website

Vesper Board Website

5 Star Improvement Website

5 Star Improvement Website

Quiet Fence Website

Quiet Fence Website

Toolmatics Website

Toolmatics Website

Website Design

A website is the most effective and quantifiably measurable marketing tool available, and it is important to team up with a company that understands not only how to build an effective Web presence but also how to market it.

SEO Company

If you are looking for an SEO company  that can get your website to the top of Google, then you need to be certain that they know what they are doing. If they don’t do SEO correctly, you could end up getting “blacklisted”.

Marketing Company

When developing your brand, it is important to consider four elements:
-> What is your market?
-> Who is your audience?
-> Who is your competition?
-> What makes you unique?


Integrating photos and videos on your site will engage customers far beyond the written word. Video is an easy way to demonstrate your product, introduce your brand or educate customers about your unique selling points.

Welcome to Client Solution Innovations

Client Solution Innovations is an Internet marketing firm founded in 2007 to help companies develop and build brands online. Our mission is to be a marketing partner to our clients. We help them develop a successful online presence by identifying their unique selling points, then combining innovative design with the latest technology-based solutions to maximize profitability and ROI.

We provide our clients custom web design, technology integration, online marketing, website analytics, search engine optimization, website content with ongoing updates, and social media. Since we believe online and offline should work together, we also offer brand development, logo design, print materials, signage, promotions and retail marketing.

Social Media

Social Media Management services are provided to help manage the content and customer engagement on your social media platforms on a consistent basis, freeing you up to focus on running your business

Web Programming

Regardless of your programming challenges, we can help! We’ve done programming jobs large and small. From shopping carts with thousand and thousands of products, simple shopping carts with one product, to programming sites for internal employee use only.

Google Apps

We can help you setup your Google Apps account and all of your users!
-> Get on the Cloud
-> Google Drive Storage (secure)
-> Share and access from anywhere
-> Access from mobile devices

Mobile Web

If you have attempted to look at a website from your smartphone and instantly become frustrated by a site that loads slowly and requires seemingly endless scrolling, then you probably didn’t stay on that site very long.

Tips you can do to immediately improve

your google rankings


Want to be the first result on Google? Looking for a company to put you at the top? Then you need to work with a professional team who really knows how to play the field. At Client Solution Innovations we understand the value of “Search Engine Optimization”, otherwise known as SEO. If not optimized correctly, your business can end up “blacklisted” by Google. That’s why our team of experts does nothing but ensure our clients are at the top of Google. Chances are you found us on Google. That’s the kind of result you can expect. Consistent marketing and placement to put you ahead of the rest. Contact us now, to talk to us about how we can get your company to the top of Google!


Keeping your site fresh with up to date content and engaging customers with quality, relevant content will keep customers and prospects coming back. Equally, making sure your website is always fully functioning and loading properly is important. In a recent study, 64% of online shoppers left a website because site functionality was too slow. CSI provides ongoing management and maintenance packages that provide you a turnkey marketing program that engages customers, reinforces brand positioning and motivates customers to act. Our team will oversee the ongoing updates, messaging and maintenance of the site so you have peace of mind that your website is delivering the desired results.


As the numbers for mobile Internet usage continue to explode, it is in your best interest to investigate mobile sites, check out some businesses who use them, and experience some websites who aren’t mobile friendly. If you have questions or want to find out more about how a mobile strategy can boost your business, give us a call at 614-372-7400. We will be happy to talk you through the technology to see if it is a good fit for your business.

A little about us.

Go far beyond what our clients expect.

This company was started because a friend’s wife was being held hostage by another web development company. After helping her become free and gain control of her website, our CEO decided that there had to be a lot more companies with the same challenges. Hence the birth of Client Solution Innovations!

Only the cream of the crop will do!

Our team members are second to none. We have developed a team that understands the value of hard work and dedication. We have adopted the phrase from our client and friend, Grant Cardone. That phrase is, “Whatever it Takes“! We take this to heart. We do WHATEVER IT TAKES to make certain that we provide our clients with the very best in design, programming, creativity, follow-up, project management and client service! (check out our testimonials to verify this!)

Client Education.

It is imperative that our clients understand how it all works. The Internet is filled with a LOT of clutter. There are so many opinions on  how to build a website, how to do SEO properly, how to “get attention” from customers and many other business related topics. It is beyond important that our clients share their goals with us so we may custom tailor a plan that works…and works well! Yes…we build websites, create logos, design collateral materials, are the best SEO company in Ohio, partners with Google and Facebook, and really help our clients “ring the bell”; but it is very important that you understand the entire process and how all of the elements work together to maximize your return on your investment. We “partner” with you and help you understand the process all along the way!

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Social Media Posts
Cups of Coffee

CSI has been a partner every step of the way- from design to content editing, the team always has our business's best interests in mind. They are always quick to respond and our high priority items always become their high priorities as well- a strength of theirs I cannot say enough good things about!

Having a social media presence is a must for business, but who has the time? CSI manages my business' social media sites with relevant, varied, and targeted posts that generate interest, business, and professional contacts resulting in increased revenue.

CSI has taken my company to the next level of true internet marketing. I have to tell them sometimes to stop because I can't handle all the calls. They are truly great to work with!


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