Marketing Company Columbus Ohio – Holidays

Holidays are for… Marketing?

This is the time of year where many holidays are occurring and that means this is a great opportunity to get some marketing done!

Before a holiday arrives there are many things you can do to market effectively. To the clients you already have, this can be a great time to send them a small gift to show appreciation for their business – and to tell them about a new feature or package you are offering to them. Remember that it is always easier to sell to an already-existing client! Also, before the holiday rolls around, this can be a great time to send out marketing pieces like postcards, hand-written letters, blogs, and even social media posts about how your company can help a customer prepare for the approaching holiday. Showing you are aware of what is going on in the world and what national events are coming up makes you and your company more relatable. That’s something our marketing company Columbus Ohio does!marketing company columbus ohio

During the actual day of the holiday it can be a great time to market by taking advantage of paid online advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. Many people on holidays are found at home with family and that can mean more social media usage. By slipping in an advertisement on one of these platforms that catches someone’s eye with the holiday theme, the effectiveness of the marketing goes up. Client Solution Innovations is a marketing company Columbus Ohio that specializes in this. An emerging social media venture to look into as well is Snapchat. It is now possible to send targeted Snapchat filters to people based on their location. More people are jumping onto this fun platform and this is a great way to show a creative, fun and relatable personality to a targeted audience. One can even paid for more holiday-related keywords on Google because the national holiday will attract more people to search for sets of specific words.
Holidays are a great time to gather with your family and celebrate but they can also be a time to leverage your company into moving up to its next level. The next time a national holiday rolls around be prepared to make a big marketing push to set yourself up for a marketing success! Contact our marketing company Columbus Ohio today and see what we can do for you!