Video & Editing Services

People are visual. Integrating photos and videos on your site will engage customers far beyond the written word. Video is an easy way Custom Video to demonstrate your product, introduce your brand or educate customers about your unique selling points. Integrating video on your site also helps engage customers and support relationship building.

We have all received emails and video clips that were
just too good not to forward on. YouTube has built a business on providing companies and individuals an outlet to share and promote themselves through video. As the word spreads, the video counter increases and the promotion is in motion. This low cost high value version of word of mouth advertising has nearly limitless potential.

  • Video Shooting
  • Video Editing
  • Animations
  • Scripting
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Youtube/Vimeo
  • Audio

Videos boost conversation rates, and can increase the number of
business profile clicks by more than 30%; increase the number of calls
to businesses by 18%; increase website visits by 55%; and increase
incidence of purchase by 24%.

CSI will work with your team to assess video opportunities and develop a strategy and program that creatively and appropriately meets your objectives. Contact us today!