One of the biggest differences in how to approach ecommerce website design is based on whether it’s a multi-product site or a single-product site. A site selling tons of products has very different needs compared to one selling only a single item (whether that be a physical product or a virtual one). Our team specializing in website design Columbus, Ohio can help answer all of your online product selling design columbus ohio

Single-product sites are often a single page. Sometimes they’re formatted like a letter (I think we’re all familiar with those, and while they’re not the best style from a design standpoint, they do tend to work in many industries).

Other single-product sites have multiple pages (particularly for higher-end and more expensive products), but are still relatively simple from an information architecture standpoint.

Site selling multiple products, on the other hand, virtually all have multiple pages. Just how many largely depends on the number of products being sold. Smaller sites might only sell a handful of things, and therefore may only have a handful of pages. Other sites may sell thousands (or tens of thousands, or even millions) of items, necessitating many, many more pages.

Consider carefully how the information on these sites should be organized. A site with thousands of pages is going to have significantly different needs and systems in place to keep everything consistent and organized than a site with only a few pages. If you’re seeking knowledge on your website design Columbus, Ohio for your ecommerce business, give Client Solution Innovations a call for a free consultation.

The basic elements of good ecommerce website design are something every designer should be familiar with, if only because it’s bound to come up with a client at some point. And ignoring this aspect of design is either going to result in clients who are unhappy with the work you end up doing for them, or clients who simply turn elsewhere. Client Solution Innovations can boost your ecommerce website design Columbus, Ohio to the top of Google and increase your traffic in as quickly as a few days to start seeing results!