If you’re interested in learning more about basic website design Columbus, Ohio, this web design 101 article will teach you the underlying elements of what you need to know.

An important part of basic website design Columbus, Ohio is learning how to properly structure your page. You want to make sure you have accessible navigation so that users know how to get to specific parts of your website. Make sure you have a menu at the top of your page with titles that represent the core of what you offer. Having a sidebar with a menu will also make it easier for users to navigate and find what they’re looking for – this is a primary element to website design 101!Web Design Columbus Ohio

When picking a font, it’s important to choose something that everyone will have on their computer. Sticking to a maximum of three different fonts will keep your page looking clean and tidy. Also, take into account that you should pick a font that’s easy to read.

When choosing a color scheme for your website or webpage, make sure the color doesn’t strain the eyes when looking at it. Pick one or two main colors that aren’t too bright, and use these colors to fill most of your page. Then pick two to three more colors that compliment your main colors. Take into consideration how your text will look, making sure it will be easy to read. These factors play a big role on where you will rank on Google. Our website design Columbus, Ohio specialists will analyze your current design and ranking, and take the necessary steps to skyrocket your website to the top of Google in no time!

An Important Facet of Basic Web Design

While designing your website, remember that most internet users don’t have a lot of patience for pages that load slow. The majority of users will only wait 2 – 3 seconds before they get bored and decide to go elsewhere. You can help move load time along by limiting the number of pictures you use on each page. Avoid the use of animated gifs and multimedia tracks that play automatically. Users don’t want to be bombarded with music and voice recordings that play automatically when the page loads.

User experience is key when creating your website! Check out our other website design Columbus, Ohio articles to learn more about how website design plays a big role in your company and / or brand.