Global Hacking: An Epidemic

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Today, the total number of live web pages is more than a staggering 1.1 billion. While that number seems astronomical, take a moment to absorb this next statistic. Google quarantines approximately 10,000 websites daily, with anywhere from 2-5% of those websites possessing some Indicator of Compromise. The Indicator of Compromise, or IoC, is a term used to signify that malicious activity is occurring on a website. It is important to note that not every website that Google flags is indeed hacked but many are. It is estimated that around 1% of the total live websites in the world are compromised. To put that into better perspective, approximately nine million websites are currently hacked or infected in some way.
Think of website security as the front door to your home. A traditional door will keep most of the elements outside and provide you with some level of security. However, it will not hacking_blog_deter everyone from entering because all that would be required to intrude upon you would be to turn the knob. By adding a deadbolt, locking mechanism, and a security system, you are much more protected from outsiders. That same basic principle applies to your website.

Hackers, much like burglars, look for easy and vulnerable targets. If your website has minimal security, it will be easy for them to take it over. Conversely, if your website has security features built in, hackers are likely to give up and move onto easier targets.

Hackers taking control of your website can mean catastrophe for a business. Your site can be taken offline or replaced with lude or offensive content. Remember, you website is your brand’s personality online, and it must be protected. After hackers gain control of your website, CSI has to come in and clean up the mess that they have made. This process can be quite tedious and typically requires hours of work to not only regain control of the site, but also to restore the pages back to their original state.

Fortunately, CSI offers a complete and robust security suite to protect your business from vicious hackers. This service is completely optional but is highly recommended. The questions is: Do you want to have a reinforced, alarmed, and locked door or a door that is waiting to be opened?

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