Hit Your Target Audience with Facebook

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CSI works closely with organizations of various size, from small businesses, to large global corporations. In addition to Web design and SEO, we also manage social media and  run targeted Facebook ad campaigns for our clients. A successful Facebook ad campaign drives awareness for your brand by directing users to your website and generates cost effective leads and/or sales for your business.

The ability to target your ad to a specific demographic is pivotal in ensuring the maximum effectiveness of your ad campaign. CSI’s Facebook ad team can laser target your ad campaigns using not only typical demographic data (location, age, gender, etc.) but also by utilizing data that Facebook alreadyFacebook_blog has on its users. For example, if you want to target people who would be interested in your car dealership, CSI can specifically target people that Facebook identifies as being interested in cars, transportation or other related interests. We also can be more precise and target users who are fans of Ford, Hyundai or other companies that would be related to your business.

Reaching new audiences and expanding your customer base is essential, but what if you’re looking to target your existing customers as well? CSI has you covered and can upload email lists of current and former customers so that we can continuously engage them with your content. This creates the opportunity for one time buyers to become repeat customers.

Facebook advertising is extremely valuable because it empowers every business with the ability to target individuals based upon your set criteria. CSI recommends that every business run targeted ads to help retain former customers while simultaneously garnering the attention of potential new clients. Contact us today to discuss how CSI can use the power of Facebook to your advantage!


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