The Power of Blogging in Business

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As a project manager at CSI, one of the questions I hear from clients often is, “What’s the best thing I can do, right now, to improve my website?” Although there are many answers to this simple question, I firmly believe that every business should blog. Blog now and blog often. My recommendation for businesses with long-term digital marketing aspirations is to think of the time spent creating blog posts as an investment in marketing. What are the results of frequent, relevant blog postings? An increase in search engine ranking, new flow of traffic to your website and, ultimately, an improved recognition of your brand.

Think of your company blog as a digital soapbox that allows potential customers across the Web to learn more about you. To the reader, it shows that you’re passionate enough about your industry to share it with the world. It’s also important to note that topics can range from industry news, a debut of a new product or service, or even the announcement of a new hire or a fun corporate event. As a business owner, you are expected to be an expert on both your company and your field. A blog gives you the space to prove just that.

blog-for-businesEvery website benefits from a well written and maintained blog. Carefully planned and organized blog posts have been proven to generate a positive impact on any business’ bottom line. When your posts are targeting your specific audience, offer relevant information and engage the reader with a call-to-action, they essentially are acting as an active sales component for your business. Such a post can generate sales leads, improve brand recognition and position your organization as a leader in your particular industry. The only real investment is time.

What can you do if your business isn’t already actively blogging? It’s time for a change. By maintaining a blog, you are improving your company’s overall online/digital presence. Fortunately, every website that CSI builds has a potential to become the ultimate blogging platform.

Our team has vast experience adding blog sections to a large variety of business websites. By having CSI design and develop a blogging platform for your business, you can start influencing your industry with useful information that is targeted to your consumers.

Every blog post has the potential to be a grand slam for your business. It is up to you to include blogging in your marketing strategy. You certainly can choose not to engage in blogging. It’s important to understand that your competitors will. If you are unsure where to start or would like more information, contact us to speak with one of our project managers today.

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