About Us

Helping entrepreneurs scale their business.

Client Solution Innovations was founded by Ken Walls in 2007. After spending his entire adult life going from building businesses and being wildly successful to losing businesses and being broke, he came to understand it was not his ability holding him back but his mindset. 

Personal beliefs and the aftermath of tragedy and hardship stemming back to his childhood messed with his programming...his internal belief system.

His drive to succeed and do the things people told him he would never do fueled him. He read every book he could get his hands on from Zig Ziglar to Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer to Don Miguel Ruiz and Tony Robbins to Grant Cardone. He learned from these and many others that we have greatness and power in all of us, but we must program our thoughts for success.

In 2009, Jill joined Ken at CSI to expand the marketing capabilities of the business. After 19 years in corporate, retail and event marketing, holding executive positions for multiple large domestic and international companies, Jill brought a high level of expertise and a strong combination of both strategy and creative to the firm.

Ken and Jill have taken the premise of programming our minds for success along with their experience in business, technology, sales and marketing and built a company specifically geared to helping other entrepreneurs identify where they may be stuck and how to breakthrough whatever it is that may be holding them back from fulfilling their true potential in business and in life.