You May Want to Pay Attention to Video

In the event that you haven't been online and noticed the insane number of videos and video platforms that are now available for your viewing pleasure and/or learning needs, let me point a few things out to you!

Video is literally taking over the Internet. People are consuming video at ridiculous rates. Online video is not something that any company, brand or public personality can ignore any longer. Check out THIS statistic from SproutSocial:

Facebook Video Stats
Source: SproutSocial

Your social media presence has become so important. It can no longer be you posting pictures and little sayings under them. You need to do video! You have to do live-streaming. People are watching you to read your body language and tonality before they decide to do business with you. Give away your content. Yes...for free! If you give people knowledge for free, they will eventually want to pay you for it! Here is one of my live stream examples:

Facebook is the new Television. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn. This is where people are getting their news. This is where people are making their voting decisions. This is where people are making their relationship choices. This is where people are making their business decisions.

"Stop ignoring the power of Social Media combined with video. If you're not using them in combination with each other, you are leaving a LOT of money on the table."

Youtube is another platform that you cannot ignore. Here are some very interesting Youtube statistics from


Think about this for a second. It was only 2005 when Youtube started and 2004 when Facebook began. Now the world turns to these platforms for a multitude of things...

  • Entertainment

  • Education

  • Social Interaction

  • Sense of Community

  • News

And so much more...

If you are still ignoring the power of video and social media, there is a very good chance your business will not survive the upcoming few years. Consumers are smarter now than they have ever been. Information is available with a couple of thumb taps on the phone screen. We can watch the leader of the free world meeting with foreign enemies with the click of a button and in the next click watch funny prank videos or how to change the oil in a 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle.

Online video is winning. Your competition that is using it is winning. Pay attention. Learn to utilize video properly and you will start winning more!

Ken Walls is the CEO and Founder of Client Solution Innovations and also the bestselling author of Walls of Wisdom: Turning Pain Into Profit.

Ken has more than 24 years experience in technology, marketing and business.

If you have questions, please reach out!

ken at clientsi dot com! <-- helps prevent spam!

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